Magda Tuka as a resurrected hare singing "Because I love you"
photo ©tamsin drury
Magda Tuka
photo ©dusand

My performances in recent years, as a solo artist and with regular collaborator Anita Wach, have been extensively presented at festivals throughout Europe, and in the USA. The ability to develop my ideas into presentation was made possible by consecutive awards from both the International Visegrad Fund and the Polish Ministry of Culture. In 2013, I founded the organisation Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne to help further facilitate the production and teaching of my evolving hybrid work, and enable more projects with associate artists and partner companies.

Aside from my initiatives, I have collaborated on several touring works with Via Negativa of Ljubljana, and was a performer for both versions of The Other Way Works' Black Tonic in the UK. Previously, I was an actress for ten years with the Studium Teatralne company of Grotowski pupil, Piotr Borowski in Warsaw, touring internationally with many productions and workshops. I have a Master's from the Warsaw Theatre Academy.

Photo ©Marcandrea Photo ©Paweł Wyszomirski Photo ©PatMic Photo ©Marcin Cecko Photo ©Kiali Photo ©Tomasz Ćwiertnia
How the Hare is Dying

In asking myself How the Hare is Dying, I open a space that is unknown or lost. The hare has rich mythology in many cultures. In ancient Egypt, its hieroglyph acted as the verb 'to be'. By trying to incorporate myself into this animal I hope, if only for a few moments, to make real contact with the audience. To be, together.

What everyone knows about the hare is its way of moving. The hare jumps! And this very dynamic is the logic of my dramaturgy; its rapid, apparently meaningless changes coupled with a faith in intuition and the preparation for self-sacrifice.

[How the Hare is Dying] craftily and strongly engages the emotions of the viewer, not allowing indifferent contemplation. [It] talks about art and reality in a brutal way, responding to the violence of the world with artistic aggression.

Hanna Raszewska-Kursa  2018
transl. Opaean

How the Hare is Dying
Concept & performance: Magda Tuka
Sound design & performance: Opaean

How the Hare is Dying began under an artistic scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The show's first incarnation, How the Hares are Dying, was initiated by Magda Tuka working with Anita Wach as Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne and received its premiére at Studium Teatralne, Warsaw on 8 December 2016. How the Hare is Dying emerged at Z-arts, Manchester on 30 September 2017.

Photos: (from top) PatMic, Marta Ankiersztejn, Tamsin Drury(2), Maciek Rukasz

it does not have to be understood in the purely intellectual sense, as a logical sentence is to be understood

Joseph Beuys
transl. Opaean
photo ©1965 Walter Vogel