Magda Tuka as a hopping hare"
manuel vason photo
Magda Tuka
photo ©dusand

My practice is rooted in Jerzy Grotowski's notion of Art as vehicle. I began my career working for ten years full time as an actor in the Warsaw-based Studium Teatralne company of Piotr Borowski, a long-term associate of Grotowski during his late Pontedera phase. For me, the essence of this formative work was in its physical training. A rigorous investigation into the relationship between the body and space, between precision, improvisation and intuition; the aim, a creative onstage existence, a continual search, on a moment by moment basis, for what and where the performer's attention is.

In a break from this tradition, I undertook what became a series of collaborations over several years as a performer with Bojan Jablanovec's Via Negativa theatre company in Ljubljana. In my opinion, the importance of the VN approach is its focus on communicating to the audience via an intense "essential" creative message and that the very personal experience of the performers is often the material used to devise this message.

On these foundations, I began initiating projects. In 2012, with an intuitive trust in the creativity of opposites, I incorporated the organisation Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne and devised a succession of shows with Anita Wach. Recently I am also focussed on body-based solo work.

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